Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts 2018: The Stylish Hair Do

On the contrary to your believe, there are some stylish asymmetrical bob haircuts 2018 that can improve your look as well as making you look different – in the most fashionable way. Having the asymmetrical cuts doesn’t have to be odd or weird anymore. Not only you can show your true personality, such a cut can also improve your appearance in the most natural way. Whether it is a Gothic edgy or a stylish outcome or the fashionably gorgeous cut, these haircuts are definitely appealing to the eye. It is super great if you can accompany it with appealing colors and stylish hair do.

1. Edgy Violet Bob with Sleek Outcome

If you have naturally straight and fine texture, having this cut will definitely help. It creates a more volumizing effect as well as maintaining your hair in attractive layers. Add it up with bright color and you have yourself a good looking result.

2. Simple Asymmetrical Sides with Long Layers

The balance of the asymmetrical cut between the right and the left side is nice. The short cut is sleek and neat, and the next side is layered in a rather messy manner. It implements long side swept bangs that make everything super nice.

3. Asymmetrical Inverted Bob Cuts with Long Ends

This asymmetrical bob cut is more about the inverted style where the back is shorter than the front. The difference is pretty subtle but you can tell that the front side has longer ends with drastic layered manner. It is simple and yet stylish.

4. Wavy Asymmetrical Bob Cuts for Wavy Hair

If you have naturally wavy or curly bob hair, you can still achieve a good look with this asymmetrical cut. Style the hair in inverted cut where the back is shorter than the front. Let your hair with its natural texture. The curls will be a nice addition to the hair do.

5. Sleek Inverted Bob with Bangs

If you have thick hair, why not cutting your hair in the inverted style and then thin it out? It will keep your hair look neat while keeping it from being too bushy or too thick. It will even look good when you can match it up with bangs, Cleopatra style.

6. Medium Long Asymmetrical Bob with Highlights

In this style, the cuts are mainly choppy and messy. It doesn’t conform to any neat design or styling, resulting in messy, but stylish, outcome. It comes with interesting white and blue highlights that make the overall look even more stunning.

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