20+ Asymmetrical Haircuts 2018: Some of the Edgy Styles

If you are bored with the regular hairstyle or haircuts, why not trying the asymmetrical haircuts
2018? It may take some guts to look different, even edgy, but you will look different – and it can give
you the alternative styles for your appearance. The asymmetrical cut is actually good for different
kinds of hair texture and facial features. Whether you have curly or straight hair, or whether your
hair is naturally fine or thick, this hairdo will definitely be helpful. Aside from the fact that such
hairstyle can deliver a different effect and appearance, it gives you a chance to explore yourself –
and also your personal preference.

1. Short Asymmetrical Cut for Wavy Hair

This kind of hairstyle is perfect for those with naturally wavy hair. You can take advantage from the
complimenting cut that is suitable for your wavy-straight texture. Keep the hair short but one side
should be extra long with the waves.

2. Medium to Long Inverted Haircut

If you have a medium to long hairstyle, this inverted style can be a good idea. Keep the front side
super long while the back can be cut in the medium length. You don’t need to add bangs or
whatsoever because the style itself is already good looking.

3. Subtle Asymmetrical Cut with Bold Colors

Sometimes it isn’t always about the cut but more about the colors. If you cut yourself in the
asymmetrical shape where one side is longer than the others, then consider about adding interesting
colors to complete the look.

4. Boyish Unique Asymmetrical Cut for Straight Hair

If you have straight and fine hair, consider this style. Basically, it is cut in the short boyish style but
then the bangs area is made longer and extending to the side, creating a unique outcome. This can
be your alternative to the asymmetrical cut.

5. Big and Wavy Asymmetrical Side Cuts

Just because you have wavy hair, it doesn’t mean that you can’t style it in the asymmetrical cut.
With the asymmetrical style on the left and side, the additional of curls or waves can actually make it
more interesting and unique.

6. Drastic Asymmetrical Inverted Edgy Style

This cut combines the asymmetrical length from the left and right as well as the inverted style. The
back is cut super short and then topped with one longer side on the front. If you add another color
aside your natural hue, it will make it more interesting to look at.

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