Balayage Hair Color 2018 Options and Styles

If you think that Balayage color is only available within one color scheme, you should see some of the options for Balayage hair color 2018. After all, the style is similar to Ombre and highlights but with different concepts, implementation, and techniques. Adapted from the French word, balayage means to paint or to sweep. The idea is to provide soft colors to your natural color. It starts from the root in the lighter and softer shade and ends up with thicker hue at the ends. Instead of saturation, the color should be applied only on the surface of the section.

1. Dark Brown with Reddish Hue

This Balayage color is attractive – it has the nice combination of dark and light, from the dark brown to the rather lighter red. It is applied in the subtle layers, creating a softer and feminine curls to improve your appearance.

2. Medium Bob with Light Brown Hue

If you happen to have naturally straight hair, you can cut it in the medium length and incorporate bob into your hairstyle. To make it more interesting infusing the brown-reddish hue with a slight pinkish touch on the end is super stylish.

3. Naturally Wavy Hair with Blonde Hue

Just because you have a long hair, it doesn’t mean that you should have a plain and boring hairstyle. If you can add a little waves to it, and add it up with the light and dark balayage blonde and darker hue, it will be very attractive.

4. The 70s Balayage Hair Style

It is almost the same as the previous style, but with a lighter and brownish hue. The long hair is styled with waves, and the combination of dark brown and golden honey blonde can make your appearance look different in the stylish manner.

5. Soft Brown and Purple Hue

If you have a medium length, adding a little wave won’t hurt. And if you have a naturally brown hair, adding soft streaks of purple layers can really add up appealing look. You’d be surprised to know that both the colors can combine very well.

6. Stylish Black and Reddish Orange Hue

Styling up your long hair in a messy wave can really improve your look. And if you want to make yourself look more appealing, combine your naturally black or dark hair with the reddish orange hue. It will make a huge difference. It is stylish and yet unique in its own manner.

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