10+ Blonde Bob Hairstyles That Gets Your Beauty Crown

Anyone desires to look more iconic in this realm? Well, the blonde bob hairstyles make choice that never fail. A classic choice of American beauty that is undoubtedly seductive and sparkling. It doesn’t take too much effort for this haircut to look stunning and sexy. Incorporating several features at once, the simplicity from bob haircut, the elegance and beauty of blonde and the dramatic effect of various details, the final result always flatters someone’s look. It makes you think of yourself as one of those lucky beauties. Get yourself another look by cutting the hair into any of these recommended hairstyles.

#1. Short Tousled Blonde Bob with Side Parting

An effortless way to look pretty and cute. The short blonde bob is characterized with tousled for more texture and the result is gorgeous. Perfect for teens and young women, it lets women enjoying younger and cuter look

#2. Short Graduated Blonde Bob for Straight Hair

Give your oval face a new life. A simple yet beautiful short cut with graduated bob styling and layers. A carefree choice of hairstyle that is wearable in any occasions. Incorporated with straight hair, the result is simply an ideal look

#3. Medium Wavy Blonde Hairstyle

A medium length is often ideal for looking beautiful and chic. Just like this one. Medium haircut is texturized with messy waves creating custom look. Side parting is chosen for perfectly shaping round face while layers are must for edgier look

#4. Asymmetrical Short Inverted Straight Blonde Bob

This time, let your blonde hair appears with casual inverted bob hairstyling which is ideal for straight hair. Asymmetrical styling is added by cutting the long side parted bangs while layers on the hairs end create dramatic effect

#5. Medium Blunt Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Make it simple, effortless yet strikingly full of character, the medium blunt bob hairstyle. It is an exceptional hairstyling for silky straight hair and is looking perfect for young women. Its classy look is perfectly created by adding center parting

#6. Messy Medium Wavy Bob with Volume

Get a sexy and fabulous look from this medium hairstyle. It is cut right on the shoulder, added with layers and messy waves and is colored in blonde. Its volume gives more character. And the final result is a fabulous choice of hairstyle for summer

#7. Side Parted Medium Straight Bob with Black Root

There’s never an end for straight hair. This time, the hair is cut into medium bob and side parted. Layers are never forgotten to give dramatic edgy effect. And the coloring is such a beauty, a combination of black root and blonde for the rest of the hair part

#8. Gorgeous Medium Curly Bob for Gold Blonde

Gorgeous Medium Curly Bob Hairstyles for Gold Blonde


Be as sexy as Marylin Monroe by cutting your hair into medium curly bob. This gorgeous choice of hairstyle is working great for natural wavy hair. Its volume is in perfection thanks to the waves and layers on the bottom.

#9. Natural Short Bob Hairstyle for Blonde

Don’t be afraid of looking simple because you still get to look gorgeous. Just like this time when you choose to get the medium bob incorporated with side parted long bangs and dark hair root. In the end, it comes as carefree hairstyle that lets you to feel great all the time

#10. Neat Short Straight Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Straight hair always has its own beauty including if it is cut short. With natural straight hair, this hairstyle appears just great. Its color’s combination is classy yet stylish, blonde and dark root. It doesn’t need any other details for perfection as it already has its center parting

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