10+ Great Choices of Woman Blonde Hairstyles

There’s never low season for blonde hair as it never loses its appeal. This hair color is believed to have strong association with tender femininity, carelessness and being good. A woman with blonde hair is fairy to men’s eyes as the blonde is considered the embodiment of grace and beauty of a woman. This year, there are many great choices of blonde woman can pick. The honey blonde for instance has made a splash just like what the platinum blonde hair did. Dark and light blonde have always been favorites but the blonde highlights will become new favorite as well. Pick among the endless classy blonde hairstyles our editors have picked for you.

#1. Medium Straight Silver Blonde with Layers

A perfect cut for adult women, the silver blonde coloring for straight medium hairstyle with layers. This hair coloring somehow gives a maturity vibe for women that they appear wiser. Of course, it is also a sophisticated choice of color

#2. Classic Gold Blonde for Natural Straight Medium Hair

Born with blonde hair is every woman’s dream. So, when you are not an exception, there’s not much you can do as you already have your beauty. Simply cut it in medium length, add some layers and you’re done looking gorgeous

#3. Medium Wavy Blonde Hair

This time, your blonde is a result of hair coloring and yet is beautiful. The root is black while the hair is blonde, a beautiful combination. The loose waves let the hair having texture and volume, perfect for heart shaped face

#4. Medium Straight Blonde Hair with Side Parting

Blonde gets you the classic American beauty so every hairstyle fits. For a girl with oval face, the side parting straight medium hair makes a simple yet stylish option. It is low in maintenance and styling, wearable in any casual occasions

#5. Asymmetrical Graduated Honey Blonde Bob with Layers

Be gorgeous and cut your hair into graduated bob with asymmetrical styling, an endless choice of haircut. A stylish option that has its volume. Honey blonde hair color makes good choice as it gives women a custom wise look.

#6. Classic Medium Curly Dark Blonde Hair

Do you want to have the classic American beauty yet you want look sexy as well? The dark blonde is the ideal option then. Add natural looking curls to your medium dark blonde hair and the result will make you feeling like the pretties woman in the world

#7. Volumized Curly Honey Blonde Hair

Be confidence with your natural curls as it gives the hair certain volume. For dramatic looks, add the layers. To make the result perfect, choose honey blonde for hair coloring and you will be feeling beautiful all year long

#8. Short Layered Light Blonde Bob Haircut

Show your true blonde hair color because the light blonde is undoubtedly gorgeous. If you desire to look simple, choose side parted short bob haircut. It is very low in maintenance yet always has its own beauty for you to have

#9. Long Curly Dark Blonde Hair

Every woman deserves to look gorgeous and appealing. This hairstyle does the job perfectly. The length is perfect, the curls are fabulous and the hair color is beautiful. A dark blonde looks all natural yet sexy at the same time

#10. Natural Long Straight Light Blonde Hair

Feel beautiful as you were born with the classic American light blonde. This hair color is appealing and perfect for any skin tone. This time, wear your long straight hair down and do side parting for perfect styling

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