Easy Long Hairstyles 2018 Ideas and Examples

These easy long hairstyles 2018 examples can provide inspiration and also ideas in the event that you want to improve your look. Most people are confused of what to do with their long hair – they want to create something different and unique and yet they don’t want to overdo it. Not to worry; there are some great ideas that you can do to enhance your natural assets without having to do any fancy (and expensive) works. You’d be surprised that some of the hairstyles are actually pretty simple and plain. As long as you are willing to do a little experiment you’d be good to go.

1. Two Simple and Small Braided Looks

If you have naturally straight and silky hair, why not making the use of it? Letting it loose will be appealing, but if you want to avoid boredom, consider adding a little bit of ornaments, like the braids. Having the braids on the back of the hair will definitely make it more interesting.

2. Simple Waves with Soft Balayage Hue

Are you worried that you will be bored styling up the long hair? Don’t be! Adding waves will always do the trick. It is able to transform the seemingly boring style into something stylish and flashy. And if you have light brown hair, pairing it up with platinum will be super clever and stylish.

3. Wavy Warm Gold and Blonde Style

Ombre is still to rule! Ombre hairstyle has never got out of style – as long as you know what to do and to expect. If you have a naturally dark and rich brown hair, you can pair it up with warm honey blonde on the end to make it more appealing and sexier.

4. Combination of Curls and Ringlets Together

If you have a naturally blonde hair with silky and healthy streaks, consider yourself lucky. You can combine big waves and small ringlets to make the appearance more stylish. If you can add up some hair decoration, it will be just perfect.

5. The Stylish 60 Ponytails with Colors

What if you can combine Ombre style and the stylish 60s hair do? The ponytail is a classic hairstyle that will be perfect for all kinds of events and themes. And when you can combine the cool colors of the base and the ponytail, you can make yourself stand out among the others.

6. Subtle and Soft Balayage Hairstyle

Combining the darker root and the lighter (almost blonde-ish) hue at the end of the streaks can really add up style to the long hair. If you are especially having a dark hair, adding a balayage style with lighter and softer color will take your look up a notch.

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