Long Hairstyles 2018 for Black Women with Different Hair Textures

There are some unique, individual, good looking, and appealing long hairstyles 2018 for black women, designed to match the hair texture perfectly. Black women have the characteristics of having black hair with rather complicated textures. They either have smooth and straight hair or they have curly and wavy hair – in most cases, they have the latter. That’s why there are several special designs that are created just for them, to compliment their looks as well as supporting the hair styles so everything will look simply stylish in its own unique way. These hairstyles are great ideas if you have the similar hair texture and length.

1. Shiny Black Wavy Hair with Side Parting

Long Wavy Hairstyles Black Women 2018-2019 with Side Parting

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, don’t worry. This is a great style if you want to retain the glam without overdoing it. It has somehow the 80s to 90s feel with a modern touch. And it is perfect for those with thick hair.

2. Black Silky and Straight Smooth Hair

Straight Long Hairstyles Black Women 2018-2019

If you have this kind of air, consider yourself lucky! But if not, you can still straighten it up so it will be smooth and flawless. Adds layers on the front side so it creates textures, stages, and volumes and keep the back long.

3. Black Curly Hair with Sleek Top and Side Part

Long Curly Hairstyles Black Women 2018-2019 with Sleek Top and Side Part

Remember Diana Ross from the 80s? Well, this is her hair do! It is almost the same as the first hairstyle but it has more volume and thickness. The curls are small and not big or wavy. It is perfect to deliver glam effect.

4. Smooth Wavy and Straight Hair with Color

Long Wavy and Straight Hairstyles Black Women 2018-2019 with Color


This is the type of hairstyle where you straighten it up a bit but not doing it overly so there will be some big waves left behind. Pair it up with attractive colors and side parting, and you are ready to look at your best.

5. Cascading Curly Hair with Side Part

Long Curly Hairstyles Black Women 2018-2019 with Side Part

If you want to add textures to your long but plain hair, this is the perfect hair do to try. You only need to add small curls – but not from the root of your hair. Simply add small and loose curls, resulting in cascading style.

6. Black and Brown Cornrow Hair Do

Long Hairstyles Black Women 2018-2019 Black and Brown Cornrow Hair Do


If you are into braids, then the cornrow style will be a good option for you – especially if you have long hair. To make it more interesting, you should consider pairing it up with different colors, such as black and golden honey blonde.

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