10+ Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair for True Beauty

Hairstyles for long straight hair always come as gorgeous picks as they present something that every woman has always wanted, beauty and confidence. This style takes every straight hair to next level with the perfect length and amazing details like bangs, fringes and layers. Straight locks are full of character yet still simple and great for any occasion. With the sleek, silky and healthy locks, this hairstyle looks even more fabulous. Get inspired with the latest trends you should definitely consider for a much better and amazing look.

#1. Classic Sleek Long Straight Blonde Hair

Classic Sleek Long Straight Blonde Hairstyles


There is never an end for long straight blonde hair. A perfect hair styling for classic American beauty that many people are crazy about. This hairstyle is added with layers for its locks while the color is dominated with blonde

#2. Thick Long Straight Black Hair

Thick Long Straight Black Hairstyles


A classic beauty among Asian woman you can consider choosing. The layered ends are given with a bit of tousles to make it have some character. Thick hair texture is naturally beautiful to give the hair a great effect

#3. Long Straight Layered Hair with Two Tone Color

Long Straight Layered Hairstyles with Two Tone Color

This hairstyle is a lot of fun. A gorgeous combination of long straight layered hair with cool two tone color creating a gorgeous highlighted hair coloring. Layers are looking significant while the long layered bangs give extra look

#4. Braided Long Straight Rainbow Hair

Braided Long Straight Rainbow Hairstyles


Out with confidence by styling your long straight hairstyle with this unique styling. From the mid part, the hair is colored in rainbow giving completely unique feature. It even becomes more unique thanks to messy braid

#5. Sleek Long Straight Blonde Hair

Sleek Long Straight Blonde Hairstyles

Let this classic sleek long hairstyle boost your confidence. A perfect length below the shoulder with layers on the hair locks to create some texture. No bangs or fringes added for the front yet the side parting is enough already for beautiful shaping the face

#6. Dramatic Long Straight Hair in Red-Blue

Long Straight Red-Blue Hairstyles


Opt for something more dramatic added to long straight hair of yours. This time, allow the layers to do some texturing while the combination of red and blue gives shockingly nice hair coloring. Want to look cuter? Get fringe on the forehead

#7. Neat Long Layered Straight Yellow Hair

Neat Long Layered Straight Yellow Hairstyles


Let your hairstyle as unique as you are by coloring it yellow. A fun idea for crashing the party this weekend. It goes perfect with the long straight hairs with dramatic layers on the locks. Keep it simple by adding short layered fringes

#8. Silky Long Straight Brown Hair

Silky Long Straight Brown Hairstyles


You want a simple sexy hairstyle? This hairstyle will certainly do. The silky appearance allows the hair to be looking elegant while the layers on the locks texturize the hair. Keep it neat by using flat iron and choose any parting you desire

#9. Long Straight Black for Thin Hair

Long Straight Black for Thin Hairstyles


Having a straight thin hair is definitely a gift. This hair type doesn’t require too much styling to look gorgeous. Just grow it long, cut some layers on the locks, not very dramatic ones for low profile feature and add bangs or fringes on the front

#10. Cute Asian Long Straight Hairstyle

Cute Asian Long Straight Hairstyles


Asians seem to always look cute with straight hair. Well, the secret is the straight blunt fringes covering the forehead. It shapes the face beautifully and cutely. And the locks are given with straights to give some texturing effect

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