10+ Best Long Wavy Hairstyles

Long wavy hairstyles are hypnotizing. It perhaps one among the most gorgeous hairstyling allowing every woman to appear at her best appearance. The perfect length for wearing down confidently, the sexy beaches waves texturizing the hair and the pretty details like bangs and layers that make the result perfect. Regardless of face shape including round, oval and heart shaped, this hairstyle always finds its way to make women feeling and being absolutely beautiful. Get inspired with some of the most trending options in the States.

#1. Long Wavy Black Hair with Side Parting

Feel gorgeous wearing down your natural long wavy hair everywhere you go. Layers create more texture while the side parting long bangs beautifully shape the face. Black makes the end result perfect for any skin tone

#2. Long Tousled Wavy Brown Hair

This beautiful Barbie hairstyle makes women looking and feeling sexy. The tousled waves give volume to the hair while the center part styling creates some nice classic look. A perfect hairstyle for attending parties

#3. Gorgeous Beachy Waves for Blonde Hair

Give more volume and character for your hair by having the gorgeous beachy waves from the top to the end of the hair. Thanks to layers that it has some edgy look while the long bangs create nice levelling for the final result

#4. Center Parted Loose Wavy Blonde Hair

Be proud with your natural wavy blonde hair with long length. The loose waves are low profile yet volume proof. The color is blonde yet the root of the hair is colored in black to create beautiful two color tone effect

#5. Volumized Long Wavy Hairstyle

What great about wavy long hairstyle is its volume. This time, the waves are created in big tousled waves from the mid part which give extra volume. The hair ends are given with layers. It doesn’t come with bangs yet still looks pretty

#6. Long Blunt Wavy Hair for Ombre Hair

The long blunt wavy hair is a perfect hair styling for young women and teenagers. It is looking edgy thanks to layered ends and the curly waves are simple yet cute. It gets even more stylish by adding layered long bangs

#7. Long Wavy Brunette Haircut

An “Alanis” long wavy hairstyle, a beautiful setting for women hair. Colored in brunette, it gets to look so personal and unique. The waves are rather simple yet fabulous. Thanks to its center parting that it appears so classic

#8. Long Wavy Layered Brown Hairstyle

A natural long curly wave hairstyle with layers gives women the stylish and gorgeous they all have been looking for. Layers are started from the mid part to the ends that it works great creating the perfect volume

#9. Messy Long Wavy Hair in Two Tone Color

By confidence and carefree by wearing down your long wavy hairstyle. It is rather messy yet it represents the free soul you have inside. This hairstyles definitely has some personality thanks to messy layers and its funky two tone color of purple and pink

#10. Center Parted Long Wavy Hair with Layers

Long hair deserves unique hair coloring as this one does. It comes with two tone coloring of black and purple. A perfect setting for long wavy hairstyles. Just like most hair, layers are giving character to the overall result

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