Medium Curly Hairstyles 2018: What Are Your Stylish Option?

Your natural curls don’t have to be bland or boring – well, not if you have these guidance for medium curly hairstyles 2018. On the contrary to your belief, curly hair and textures can also be managed and styled in various different cuts although the options may not be as many as those with straight hair. But still….it gives you the edge and also the opportunity to style up yourself. The curly hairstyle also provides the chances for those with naturally straight hair to give a texture to the styling. If you don’t want to look bland or you simply want to style up yourself, it is time to give the curls a go!

1. Brunette Curly Do with Highlights

Just because you already have a natural dark hair color, it doesn’t mean that you can’t style it up. Simply have big curls from the middle to the end and then match it up with attractive reddish highlights. It will definitely give you an edge.

2. Choppy Volumized Curls for Thick Hair

If you have naturally thick hair, consider having it cut and styled in the choppy manner. It gives a somewhat messy look and then you can add big wavy curls to it. It will give you another volume and dimension without looking cheesy.

3. Patterned Wavy Curls for the Redheads

If you happen to have strawberry blonde hue, having these patterned big wavy curls will add the appeal. The texture is stylish but not lousy, and it definitely gives an edge to your medium hair and its volume, creating an attractive appeal.

4. Silvery Soft Curls for Fine Hair

If you have fine and fair hair, you can consider having a one-of-a-kind hue, like silver, to improve your look. Pair the attractive color with soft wavy curls that are cascading down your back. It gives a visual appeal and attractive effect in the end.

5. Asymmetrical Big Curls for Fine Hair

Having problems with thin and fine hair? No need to worry; simply add big curls for volume and then style it in the asymmetrical manner. This style is almost similar to inverted style but in a messier way so it isn’t exactly an inverted.

6. Big Curls for Combined Hair Color

Wanting to create a visual effect that makes other people go ‘wow’? You should try a combination of odd colors, such as black and pink. And then top it off with appealing big waves and adorable ringlets to create an edgy look.

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