25+ Medium Haircuts 2018 for Totally Beautiful New Look

Featuring many details like shag, chops, layers and bangs, the medium haircuts have always find a way to look super gorgeous and chic in 2018. Never in the history have women looked badly with it because this versatile hairstyle is very potential. Regardless of hair textures and face shapes, this cut always works. Including for older women, the cut is the key to look younger and more sophisticated. Make your own choice and add any details that suit your style. Instantly, this cut will transform your look and let you live a completely brand new life.

Gorgeous Medium Curly Grey Hairstyle

Fun and flirty, two things that this haircut is all about. The medium length makes gorgeous combination with natural locked curls. Layers are added for edgy effect but no bangs or fringes involved. It can be side or center parted.

Silky Medium Wavy Brown Hairstyle

Being born with natural waves is a gift. This time, cut the hair at medium length and let the waves become the natural attractive details. At the hair ends, a bit of layers added while center parting is chosen for asymmetrical effect

Asymmetrical Medium Straight Inverted Bob

Your hair needs something different if you wish to look sophisticated. Let the medium inverted bob fulfills your need of being gorgeous and fabulous. Inverted styling gives beautiful layering while the straight texture makes the hair looking modern

Volumized Medium Wavy Red Hairstyle

Consider yourself a lucky middle aged woman with this beautiful medium wavy hairstyle. Waves give natural volume which makes it a beautiful texture. Waves are rather a bit messy and side parting is added for different look

Messy Thick Medium Blonde Hairstyle

In case you don’t want to deal with maintenance and extra styling effort, choose this simple hairstyle. A perfect choice for naturally thick hair. It is styled messy with center parting and layers for unique texture. The color is blonde for classic beauty

Medium Inverted Curly Hair with Fringes

Medium haircut isn’t always incorporated with silky texture. This time, the hair is left natural with locked curls that are cut in a certain way. The result looks an inverted cut which is combined with short fringes on the forehead.

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