35+ Medium Straight Hairstyles 2018: Some of the Most Stylish Options

There are some super stylish medium straight hairstyles 2018 with simple arrangement and fuss-
free cut. Having straight hair has its own benefits and advantages – it is giving you flexibility in
managing your hair-do. To avoid boredom and bland look, there are some alternative styling and
cuts that can be added to the medium straight do. You’d be surprised to see how different your
hairstyle will be with even the simplest addition, such as different bangs style or asymmetrical cuts.
And it is okay to add a little bit of textures and waves for your straight hair, just to give an alternative
variation to the cut.

1. Sleek Straight Hair with Middle Parting

This style is pretty simple and yet sleek, perfect for those with fine hair. You don’t need to have
layers or whatsoever – although it is okay if you want to have it. Simply let your hair down and part it
in the middle for a classic look.

2. Medium Bob with Wavy Ends

In this medium haircut, the hair is styled in the regular bob. But to avoid boredom, the ends are twisted
into small waves so the overall look won’t be too bland or plain. This style is perfect when combined
with side swept bangs

3. Textured and Layered Hair with Highlights

The combination of layered hairstyle is perfect when you pair it up with attractive colors. You don’t
have to dye all of your hair; simply have the highlight will do. And layering the middle to the end of
the hair will be super sleek in the simplest manner.

4. Simple Straight Hair with Side Part

If you want to create a different effect, try to style your hair with a side part management. It gives
you somewhat an asymmetrical and unbalanced feel, but in the fashionable way. If you want to, you
can consider having your hair dyed in unique color.

5. Sleek Jet Black Straight Do

Consider yourself lucky if you have this kind of hair. The combination of natural color and the sleek
texture is definitely good for your overall appearance. You can style it with middle part or side part,,
or even bangs!

6. Medium Inverted Bob Sleek Hair Do

Who says that inverted hairstyle is only limited to short hair? Even with your hair in the medium
length, you can cut it with stylish inverted style. In fact, when you cut it this way, you can achieve a
textured layers and better outcome in the end.

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