35+ Medium Wavy Hairstyles 2018 For Flawless Look

When it comes to gorgeous options of new hair look in 2018, medium wavy hairstyles sound just perfect. A choice of hairstyle with ideal length that gives women a fresh yet feminine look. Many details can be added for beautiful result like bangs, layers and fringes. Meanwhile, any styling can always find its way to give the best appearance. Get modern chop for a chic appearance or classic waves for classy result. Regardless of not having natural waves, women can still find many ways to add waves like by using the curling iron. These result in gorgeous wavy hairdo which is impressive and flawless to be worn in any occasions.

Side Parted Medium Wavy Blonde Hair with Bangs

A beautiful choice for a young woman with active yet calm personality. This hairstyle simple shows off your true inner. The layered bangs are cute while the tousled waves give sexy texture to the overall hairstyle

Simple Medium Curly Brown Hairstyle

This time, your natural wavy hair is styled with simple yet attractive hairstyle. Cut in medium hair length added with small beautiful waves to get the right texture. No fringe or bangs needed but the final result is mind blowing

Gorgeous Medium Wavy Black Hairstyle with Long Bangs

Consider yourself lucky once you have this hairstyle. A longer medium haircut styled with beachy waves, layers and some locks. Long bangs make the most visible details and allow the hair to look like a classic hair styling

Attractive Medium Hairstyle with Tousled Waves

Medium length haircut is nicely combined with tousled waves resulting in an attractive hair which gives a touch of maturity for young women. Layers add the edgy texture at the bottom while the side parting makes it classy

Messy Medium Wavy Grey Hairstyle

Natural curly waves are gifts. They are something that women should be glad having. When they are combined with medium length, the result is simply gorgeous. Even with messy styling, it still looks attractive

Inverted Medium Wavy Black Hairstyle

Combining medium length and bob haircut is a great idea for new appearance. This cut is characterized with beautiful waves, layered ends and black hair color. Layers add inverted effect which makes it having certain amount of volume

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