Men Undercut Hairstyles 2018: Welcome New Style!

Let’s check our men undercut hairstyles 2018. Tired of the same look for years and now you’re ready to change your style? Take your haircut to a new level with mens undercut fade. This undercut fade or known as disconnected hairstyle is a hairstyle for men where you shave you hair down to one length from a line extending back from the temple while the hair on top is left medium to long. The best thing about this haircut is that you can style the hair on top however you want according to the occasions you attend.

1. Blonde Undercut with Beard

The blonde highlight puts perfect contrast between the side and the top. You don’t need comb nor brush. Just use your fingers to style it up and apply some gels to straight the top up. A beard gives you masculine feeling.

2. Low Skin Fade Short Haircut

If you don’t like high-contrast and you want a perfectly blended shadow fade then this low skin fade short haircut is for you. It still gives you shadowy fade trend in subtle way. The best thing is it’s very simple and needs very low maintenance.

3. Slick Back Undercut

This style doesn’t give you extreme contrast like other fade undercuts do. A medium pompadour elongates the face and highight your facial features while at the same time gives you a neat and sharp look.

4. Side-swept Longer Undercut

Faded haircuts with long hair on the top are now more popular than ever. Sweep the hair to the side helping you to elongate the face and emphasize masculine features. Grow a beard and you’ll get extra credit.

5. Classic Textured Undercut

With a subtle pompadour above the forehead, this zero fade cut is a true classic of the undercut hairstyle. This sytle brings you classic yet classy. Just side comb your hair, add some pomade and you’re ready.

6. Straight High Top Fade Undercut

When you want dramatic effect, the higher the top the better. The contrast between the top and the side brings the outstanding part out of you. Don’t forget to stock up gels and hairsprays.

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