10+ Pixie Bob Hairstyles That Can Rock Your Days

With so many hundreds of decisions we make everyday, have we made the right decision when it comes to our hair? We know how gorgeous long hairstyles are but sometimes it is just too much maintenance. And that’s why the pixie bob hairstyles are the right picks. Fabulous short hair that us the appearance we have been desiring, stylish, chic yet very personal. The layers give fantastic texture to the hair while the parting makes the overall result custom. Not to forget the volume which is perfect for both thick and fine hair. It’s just many features in only one cut.

#1. Thick Layered Pixie Grey Bob

If you’re willing to cut some of your hair, this fabulous layered pixie bob will be yours. Perfect for thick wavy hair, it comes out extraordinary and is easily wearable for any occasions. The side parted long bangs feature the face in the best way.

#2. Volumized Medium Pixie Bob in Reddish Black

Be simple by cutting the hair into medium pixie bob. It greatly combines pixie and bob in one haircut resulting a masculine looking hairstyle ideal for round and heart shaped face. The tousled long bangs give more feature to the hair

#3. Trendy Asymmetrical Medium Pixie Black Bob Hairstyle

Achieve stylish appearance by getting this asymmetrical pixie bob in medium long. There is always something stylish from asymmetrical hairstyling just like this one. And thanks to the layers that the haircut gets to appear more dramatic

#4. Asymmetrical Thick Medium Pixie Blue Bob with Tousled Ends

Born with naturally wavy hair is a gift. Cutting it into asymmetrical pixie bob is another gift you give to your hair. Wavy texture gives tousled look to the hair ends which make it some fabulous. This time, the hair color, electric blue makes most of the feature.

#5. Blunt Layered Pixie Blonde Bob

You need to give something cool and trendy for your look like this blunt layered pixie bob does. The graduated back gives nice volume while the side parted long layered bangs give asymmetrical effect. Ideally, it is for oval face

#6. Wavy Short Pixie Blonde Bob for Thick Hair

Forget about growing the hair long if you are more into simple yet sophisticate hairstyling. Cut it short in pixie and let the long layered bangs cover your forehead from the side. The natural waves give nice texture while the layers do great job to create dramatic effect

#7. Simple Medium Pixie Blonde Bob for Fine Hair

Let hairstyle changes your life just like this one does, a simple yet full of character medium pixie bob. It makes an ideal cut for young mommies who wish to have simplified life. Giving a fresh and younger appearance, this cut may last for years

#8. Graduated Medium Pixie Blonde Bob

This time, the graduated back makes the main feature of the hairstyle. Layers on the lower hair part create some texture while the side parting makes it ideal for round face. The blonde hair coloring is another stylish element

#9. Straight Layered Pixie Blonde Bob with Braids

Straighten your hair and cut it into pixie bob, a perfect cut for looking chic and sophisticated. Thanks to the layers that the hair gets to have dramatic edgy feature. The side parted layers bangs and grey hair coloring perfected the look

#10. Silky Straight Medium Bob Hairstyle

Give your silky straight hair a trendy hairstyle by cutting it into medium bob, a less maintenance hairstyle but giving more sophisticated appearance. Side parting makes the result more casual while the two tone color of black and red makes it custom

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