Pompadour Hairstyles 2018 Stylish Options and Looks

These days, this hairstyle is getting more popular so you can expect a new variation for Pompadour hairstyles 2018. Taken from the 50s hairstyles, especially with James Dean and also Elvis as the trendsetter, the new modern Pompadour is definitely creating something new. There are new combinations of hairstyles that will make your appearance somewhat edgier and more stylish. As long as you know Pompadour haircut how to style arrangement, you should be able to have your own cut and have a personalized look. The greatest thing about this Pompadour style is the fact that you can create a new image of yourself while having a simple hair arrangement.

1. Undercut Pompadour Style for Curly Hair

If you have a curly and thick hair, having this kind of hairstyle will definitely improve your look. If you take a look, it looks like the hairstyle comes in layers. From the bottom, you have the shaved cut, and then undercut above the shave, and the Pompadour look on the top.

2. Undercut Pompadour Style for Straight Hair

This hairstyle is basically almost the same as the previous hair cut, but this one is especially designed for the straight hair. As you can see, this look can create a sleek and also neat outlook and appearance.

3. The 60s Pompadour Style

This one is almost similar to the ones made popular back then in the 1960s. Of course, there are some little twists and changes for it. With this Pompadour look, the upper hair should be longer and made volumized to create a drastic effect.

4. The Buzz Cut Pompadour Look

If the regular Pompadour style has a thicker and longer upper hair, this one almost has none. It looks like a buzz cut but the sides are cut super short, while the top area is a bit longer – just a tad bit. If you don’t want the dramatic Pompadour style, this one will be perfect for you.

5. The Matching Pompadour with Beard

To achieve a modern look, the Pompadour style is often paired with beard – although it is also possible to have a clean shaven look with the Pompadour cut. If you want to have a matching beard and unique hairstyle, this one will be the perfect option for you.

6. The Two Tones Pompadour Look

This is basically the traditional Pompadour look, with shorter sides and longer upper hair. But to make it edgier, consider having a different color on the top area. It is unique and edgy!

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