50+ Red Hair Color Ideas for Those Wanting to Look Different

It turns out that there are limitless and countless attractive red hair color ideas out there. It’s not about the red only, but it is the matter of different shades and other unusual combination that will definitely make you look different and standout among the others. Most people think that red is red, but there are so many different reds that you can try. You can even try the combination of red and blonde hair color, which will make your appearance even more unique and edgier. If you think that the red is already popping out and different among the crowds, wait until you are able to mix it up with other hues.

In the past, red was simply red. Despite the fact that it is actually ginger red, carrot red, strawberry red, or even blonde red, people only know one type of red. However, things are different now. With so many different kinds of shades and options, it means that your chances to be unique and different also come in various different manners! If you are a natural brunette, for instance, and yet you want to add a little fiery shade to your hair, there are many red hair color ideas for brunettes – believe it or not. You may not know this, but naturally dark hair will mix well with the blazing red hue, creating a unique look just for you. So, don’t be afraid to mix any red shade with naturally dark hair of yours.

You get to pick the color combo or different shades for the hair. In red hair color with highlights, you can choose having darker shade or even lighter one to create an appealing look. In color combination, you can also create different outlook and performance. Red and pink will be unique, but may not as much as red and purple, for instance. Red and blonde or red and brown will have similar stunning effect despite the different effect.

1. Medium Layered Ginger Red Hair

2. Wavy and Soft Brown Red Medium Hair

3. Fanta Red with Black Mix

4. Adorable Carrot Red with Soft Curls

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