Undercut Hairstyles 2018 for Women: Bold Unique Look for the New Year

Check our new undercut hairstyles 2018 for women. Do you want to have new look for new year? Undercut hairstyles for women can either be awesome or awful. Thus, this isn’t recommended for those who are fairly conservative type when it comes to appearances. However, if you want to add a bit of an edge to your look, getting an undercut might just be the great option. This funtastic hair trend is now popular among women, especially since A-list celebrities have embraced these types of hairstyles in recent years.So what are you waiting for? Dare yourself and be bold in this new year. Have a great unique new look with female undercut designs!

1. Blue-black Sharp Crop Pixie with Undershave

This chick hairstyle highlights your cheekbones. Its sharp crop frames your cheeks and shows your ears. Add two-toned hair dye like blue and black to make your looks stand out. Extrs ornaments such as earings surely will do your style justice.

2. Half shaved head with side-swept Hairstyle

This hairstyle is the most classy punk hairstyle. If you want a rebellious yet classy look, then this hairstyle is the right choice for your new look in 2018. It doesn’t need much of your time to style it. Just comb your hair to one side and apply a litle bit of pome and you’re ready to rock or punk.

3. Colorful Textured Undercuts with Scale Design

You can play with colors, hair, and design all at once; it’s fun and it give you full spotlight. You can dye each scale-inspired design with different color then highlight your hair with three tone hairdye. It surely looks cool if you pick the right colors.

4. Undercut Layered Pixie with Highlight

This hairstyle looks almost the same with edgy undercut pixie. The different is this style put some layers on it. Layers can give extra dimensions and textures that makes your hair looks sweet and soft. The highlight emphisizes the layered hair.

5. Edgy Undercut Pixie

Just like undercut layered pixie, this hairstyle gives the spotlight to your nape. It also use two tone hairdye grey and blonde. Cut the bangs longer on the sides to make your style unique. This hairstyle looks perfect on those with oval face.

6. Undercut Punk

This timeless punk style used to be popular among boys only. But but things have changed. More and more women vote for undercut styles because they look edgy and feminine at the same time.

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